Chewbacca sings “Silent Night”

This classic carol, re-imagined as an office prank in 1999 by Scott Anderson has been viewed millions of times. Originally intended as a ruthless mockery fitting tribute to “Christmas with Paul Todd”, this work of art has taken on it’s own life and became a part of every proper geek’s Holiday ritual. Your Yuki [How It Should […]

X-Mas-fish 2016 – Special Edition

Hey guys, Now, every couple of months something special comes along. Something so precious, it’s worth spending time with, examining its details and intricate beauty or it’s perfect simplicity. These statues are such special pieces. The first is by Scott Tolleson. Working for the Walt Disney Company, he has designed a myriad of pieces for […]

X-Mas-fish 2016 – Kids Edition

Hey guys, now that we’ve looked at Ornaments for the Christmas tree, Plush Toys for our cuddly friends and Vinyl Toys for the serious collectors, I feel it’s just about time to have a look at what’s in store for our growing supporters of Art and Designer Toys. First of all, we’d like to introduce […]

X-Mas-fish 2016 – Vinyl Edition

Hey guys, it’s almost that time, got to get those last presents. Where is that something-special we’re always hoping for? How about a surprise? Or a little something else? Something for the collector? Still nothing? Tough customer… let’s have a look at some kids toys next time! Your Yuki

X-Mas-fish 2016 – Plush Edition

Hey guys, Plush is always a difficult topic. Some people want it, some people are definitely too old for plush, others are too cool and the rest just doesn’t want people to know they love the feeling of warm, soft and cuddly plush on their skin in the winter time. This year has been hard, […]


Hey guys, this is important: Since it’s discovery in 1981, the AIDS epidemic has claimed a toll of more than 35 million lives. At this very moment, more than 37 million people are living with HIV, less than half of which have access to antiretroviral therapy. While infections among children have gone down by 50% […]