Uglydoll Citizen of the Uglyverse Quippy

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Quippy is a very happy girl. She brings a smile with her everywhere she goes. OK so she smiles on the inside, but just being around her makes everyone feel joy, with little rainbows coming out and hearts pouring out of all 3 eyes. Wait, that’s gross. Anyway, yay she’s one happy girl.

Quippy is part of the Limited Edition Citizens of the Uglyverse Family

Size: about 10 inches / 25 cm tall


Uglydolls are quirky and creative creatures that aren’t afraid to be a little different!

As a surprise gift, Kim sewed a doll of Wage and sent it to Horvath in the mail. Horvath showed Wage to his pal Eric Nakamura, owner of the Giantt Robot Magazine  and store, who thought Horvath was pitching him a product and immediately ordered a few more for his shop. Horvath wrote to Kim asking her to sew more, while sending emails with stories about Wage, Babo and Ice-Bat’s first ever adventure, soon to become Chilly Chilly Ice-Bat.

The brand is distinguished by its definition of the word “ugly.” In the “uglyverse,” “ugly” means unique and special, something that we should be celebrating, something that makes us different, and never hiding the “twists or turns” which make us who we are, both inside and out.

Uglydoll is a winner of Best Toy awards from Toy Industry Association, TD Monthly, Oppenheim, Funfare, Parent’s Choice, iParenting, Creative Child and many more.


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